ahh, New York in the Spring

IT IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN NEW YORK, and I’m taking a long lunch to post on something NON-WORK related. I’m sitting in Bryant Park in downtown Manhattan, somewhere around 40th or 41st and 6th Ave. It’s gotta be 80 degrees Fahrenheit, I can’t see a cloud anywhere, and the there are people as far as they eye can see.

I’m winding down from a two week trip where I participated in PCI meetings at the ETA show in Las Vegas last week, took the 6am flight from LAS to DFW for a couple full days of meetings, a beautiful weekend of motorcycles in Dallas, the TRISC conference in San Antonio, and another presentation tomorrow in NYC before flying home on Saturday.

Couple anecdotes from the trip:

  • The Las Vegas security checkpoint takes an entire HOUR at 4:30 AM.
    Not a joke, you’ve been warned.
    I was flying American out of one of the ‘B’ gates. About half way through the ‘security checkpoint lemming’ experience, caffeiene kicked in and I realized that the ‘A’ gate checkpoint would allow faster passage to the ‘B’ gate. Yea, at that hour you don’t see clearly- but I probably still shaved 20 minutes off my time.. here’s a diagram showing the fork between A and B gates. Skip the B checkpoint.
  • A Harley does not ride like a Bimmer.
    Thanks to Bill and Ethan, I spent most of Saturday riding a ’00 Harley Dyna Wide-Glide. I live to ride, and own an array of two wheeled machinery, but haven’t spent time on a Harley. Good Times, but you’ve got to know that when the good Harley’s die and get to heaven, they turn into BMW Motorcycles.  Bill and I stopped by to see our buddy Gary Queen at OSC (this link is probably NSFW, Other Side Customs), he’s always doing some of the coolest projects. After hearing a couple of stories we crashed a surprise birthday party- well done guys.
  • God Bless Texas.
    I was born in Texas, but have actually only spent about 4 years living there. (read: I have my Native Texan card, but that’s about it) I’ve been working in California for almost a year. Some of my bills accumulate in San Francisco, but every trip back through reminds me- my heart is in Texas.
  • Lock Picking is EASY
    TRISC was outstanding. When you’re not hearing presentations, conferences are good for intro’s, putting some faces with names, catching up with friends, and learning some new foo. Deviant Ollam was at the conference maintaining quite the crowd with his booth based training and lock picking village, “Gringo Warrior.” Met several of the gents from the Denim Group including Dan Cornell and John Dickson, very cool guys. It is always a pleasure catching up with the talented Robert Hansen.

Enough about non-work related actions, I owe Tod a post on PCI 11.3.2 vs 6.6…


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