a few more pics

Today was a chill day- pretty rough rain, some bike repairs to perform, parts to find to complete said repairs, logged some gym and sauna time to burn out some of the new soreness- another great day (of rest?)!

As there were no new noteworthy miles logged, here are a few more pics from the last couple days of riding.  For those inquiring minds, I am shooting a little point and shoot Canon Powershot SD 780 IS, although several pics here will come from my iPhone 3GS and Bill’s iPhone 4.  I will try to post some trip statistics tomorrow, if I remember…

Dirty boots, after my first real motorcycle off. Maybe 10 inches of that strange liquid-esque dust...

Having a laugh after my first off- that powdery dusty stuff in the long way down- it is no joke, and is the strangest stuff! If you'd like a dose of it, get out to the Monument Valley state park, and ride down toward the monuments, some of the trail options have this soupy dust stuff (be warned, it is HARD to clean out!)

This was one BIG INDIAN! He had the biggest arms, I had him flexing until Bill raised the camera...

What does this 'slow' you speak of? I do not comprehend SLOW. (and why can't we have a little fun while sitting around waiting at construction stops?)

Flying down the highway, and loving the ride.

This picture shows the one real hardware failure I had during the Corkscrew Pass debacle. As you can see, the threaded portion where the bolt anchors both the crash bars and bash plate sheared. I've gotta get a picture of this bent bolt I removed this afternoon...

Here's a fun shot, I tried this reverse shot a couple of times with limited success... There is a lot going on when piloting the bike, battling wind buffeting, and trying to point this little camera while wearing gloves... notice the spectacular foliage!!

One more pic- this one is Bill chasing me out of Monument Valley. Focus was wrong, but it paints the picture...

Final note, several exhaustion based grammatical/spelling errors in my post yesterday. If you missed them, cool. If you did catch them 1) thanks for NOT bringing them up and 2) not caring because I’M ON VACATION! (read: they will be left to smile about later.)


One Response to “a few more pics”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Trey – great pics! I’d love to be there riding. Good job getting that beast up Corkscrew, at least. And ya got some cojones trying Engineer.

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